About Us

About Canmedia

Canmedia Planning & Buying is an independent, Toronto-based media planning and buying shop that was established in 1998 by Mike Chornopesky, a veteran of the Canadian advertising business. Through Canmedia, Mike and his associates provide senior-level media-related services to advertising agencies and creative boutiques as well as directly to advertisers. We do B2C media and B2B media for clients in Canada and abroad.

Mike Chornopesky

Mike has been planning and buying media for over 30 years and is intimately familiar with all aspects of media in Canada. He has worked at some of Canada’s largest ad agencies such as Grey Advertising and J. Walter Thompson.  He has planned media campaigns for some of Canada’s most sophisticated and demanding media advertisers including Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods and Pepsi-Cola as well as numerous mid-sized and smaller businesses based in Canada, the U.S. and abroad. Over his career Mike has planned and bought over 250 million dollars worth of media of all types across Canada and in the U.S. for hundreds of different brands. (See Mike’s all-time client list here.)

Canmedia’s Partners

Over the years Mike has made a lot of terrific contacts in the world of marketing communications. If a project calls for additional resources, Mike can call on specialists in many areas including copywriting, art direction, commercial production, PR, marketing research and ad strategy. And Canmedia works with several ad agencies to help plan and buy media for their clients. (Learn more about Canmedia’s partners here.)