How We Do It

The Canmedia process is deceptively simple, as you’ll see below. And it’s collaborative. We get your input at every stage to stay true to your goals.

“But”, you might ask, “what if I already know what media I need? What if I just need you to buy a radio campaign or evaluate a media proposal?”

We can do that too! Our reasonable hourly fees make almost any media task cost-efficient to outsource.

Our Process

1. Understand Your Needs

Everything starts with your needs and priorities. Your needs may be few or many. They may be in very different areas. You may need to…

  • build awareness of your brand
  • generate phone calls or web site traffic
  • motivate your sales force
  • demonstrate support for your retail partners
  • encourage the spending of co-op ad budgets
  • justify your marketing budget to head office

With a clear understanding of your needs, Canmedia can craft a media plan to address them. By focusing on your priorities we can make the most of your budget.

2. Understand Your Resources

You have several types of resources that Canmedia wants to know about:

Financial: We need to know your budget. A media plan for $50K could look very different than one for $100K or $5M. And there’s no point in recommending a media plan that you can’t afford at this time.

Knowledge: What data resources do you have? Tell us about your sales by region. Tell us who your major competitors are. What is your cost per acquisition? Maybe you have customer or market research that can help us target your media plan.

Creative: And what about your creative assets? If you’ve already got a corporate video, maybe we can adapt that for an online video campaign. Or maybe your direct mail piece can be used as a newspaper insert? Tell us what you’ve got.

3. Evaluate the Media Options

What media might work for you? We evaluate the media options based on your needs and resources. The focus will be on reaching the right target group(s) and suitability for your creative message, at the most efficient costs. You will be given a short list of candidate media for your review and comments.

4. Develop the Media Plan

This is what you’ve been waiting for. This is where we pull it all together into a plan of action. Specific media vehicles, ad sizes, positioning, timing and estimated costs are laid out on a blocking chart. Decision dates will be highlighted. A few tweaks, then we will ask your permission to go ahead with the buy.

5. Execute the Media Plan

This includes negotiating the final media costs. Usually we can save at least 5% and up to 40% off rate-card costs. Final contracts are prepared for your signature. Creative files are delivered to the media, scheduling instructions issued, etc. If necessary we will track, maintain or report on the campaign as it unfolds.