Canadians have access to more consumer magazine titles per capita than most other developed countries in the world. Canadian consumer magazines alone account for almost 1,300 titles. 1,286 Canadian English and French titles were available in 2011. Despite readership declines over the past decade, many advertisers still value magazines for their audience selectivity, editorial environment and credibility.

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Readership declines over the past ten years have been rather steep, averaging 25% for key English titles and 15% for key French titles. Over this period Magazines’ share of ad revenue has declined by 30% (from 7% to 5%). As a result, magazine rates are more negotiable these days.

And magazines are introducing more ways to interact with their readers online, including iPad editions.

Still, the decision to advertise in magazines often hinges on brand image and credibility which are generally enhanced in a relevant magazine environment.

Business & Trade Magazines
Some of the larger general business magazines look a lot like consumer magazines. In fact, Canadian Business, Report on Business Magazine and several others are even members of the Print Measurement Bureau (PMB).

Most of Canada’s 759 business magazines, however, are more like trade journals. Generally they are delivered free of charge to qualified individuals in specific industries. In many cases these magazines are authoritative sources of industry information and are one of the few ways to target decision makers in specific industries.

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