There are 121 Daily Newspapers published across Canada. The medium has been struggling to stay relevant in a world where breaking news is available 24/7 on TV and the Internet. Newspapers’ share of ad spending has dropped by almost half in the past decade. Still, printed newspapers are read by 40-50% of adults across Canada on the average weekday.

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Because of their local focus and mass reach, Daily Newspapers are still an important tool for many local retail advertisers. They are especially useful for announcements, sales, detailed copy and price information (think flyers).

A fairly recent development is the advent of free “commuter dailies”. In the top six markets there are at least two competing titles, Metro and 24 Hrs. These provide more flexibility for advertisers and also reach a somewhat younger audience.

While many newspapers are enhancing their web and mobile editions, for most advertisers the printed newspaper will continue to provide greater creative impact.

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