Online Media

The Internet has been a profoundly disruptive force in the advertising world. It takes time away from and changes how we use traditional media. Online ad spending has exploded over the past ten years and now accounts for 22% of the total – about the same as radio, magazines and out-of-home combined.

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People are doing lots of things online, some of which represent advertising opportunities, others not so much:

Online search presents a significant advertising opportunity as people are telling us exactly what they’re looking for. We can run text or display ads that address their interests. Searchers have an excellent acceptance of such ads as they are highly relevant.

Social media accounts for the bulk of time that many people are spending online. However it’s not clear that people are accepting of or responsive to ads on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Email and messaging services can provide opportunities to deliver banner or text ads, sometimes even related to the content of the messages. (Canmedia cautions against excessively intrusive targeting.)

Permission-based Email marketing (messages delivered to inboxes) can be effective if done properly but carries a risk of backlash. Accordingly, many companies use email marketing only for their existing customer base.

Online shopping activity presents other advertising opportunities such as behavioural ad targeting and re-targeting people after they leave a web site. But again there are questions of intrusiveness.

Online banking and investment sites (thankfully) do not accept third-party ads.

People consuming news, information and entertainment, however, are considered fair game for hitting with banner ads, pop-ups or other ad formats. This may be a perfect environment for certain advertisers.

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