Out-of-Home is the original advertising medium, probably dating back to pre-historic times. Yet it has maintained its relevancy in the digital era because it is, for the most part, not tied to content delivery systems. To the extent that people still leave their homes, OOH will always be relevant.

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Out-of-Home media, collectively, have actually increased their share of ad spending from 3.4% to 4.1% over the past 10 years.

OOH advertising comes in countless formats and locations including:

  • Billboards, posters and spectaculars
  • Banners
  • Wall murals
  • Digital Billboards
  • Bus shelters and street furniture
  • Mall posters and video
  • Elevator video
  • Washroom posters and video
  • Transit advertising (vehicles, stations)
  • Cinema advertising
  • Taxicabs

Out-of-Home options, particularly those on the streets, have high reach potential against most target groups. And they can also generate high frequency levels. This makes them truly “mass media”. Yet you can also target locally by choosing specific locations. This makes Outdoor posters suitable for both national and local campaigns.

OOH options tied to specific venues (e.g. bars, gyms, arenas) will typically have lower reach and frequency potential but will be more targeted – demographically or psychographically.

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