Canmedia collaborates with marketing communications professionals in related areas of expertise. Each has many years of experience and is the principal of his or her own company.


Deepak Pershad

Marketing Strategy & Analysis

Deepak draws on his extensive experience in the ad agency, consumer packaged goods and financial services sectors to provide a range of marketing consulting services. His specialties are brand strategy, marketing analysis, research analysis and effective business presentations.


Jim Murray

Creative Development

Jim is a highly decorated former ad agency creative director whose skill sets include: strategic focus development, concept development, copywriting and editing, art direction and production in all online and offline media. For the past two decades he has been working with clients in the SME sector.


David Suddaby

Cinematography & Motion Imaging

David’s expertise is motion imaging production. Commercial, promotional, brand partnership, and online interactive cinematography is his business. A state-of-the-art “Alexa” digital cinema camera package helps deliver the absolute highest quality image acquisition and consistency.

Darleen 200x200Darleen Witmer

WordPress Support & Design

Darleen has a life-long, unquenchable thirst for technology, finding workable leading edge or practical solutions. A WordPress web site designer who loves sunshine, travel, chocolate and motorcycles.  Her new business says it all – TechAgent 99 WordPress Support & Design | Search Engine Optimization | Technical Support.


Zunaid Khan

Online Advertising & Media Technology

Zunaid has an extensive background in technology, strategy and online advertising. He is one of Canada’s foremost authorities on Programmatic Buying and Real Time Bidding (RTB).

marj-2Marjorie Wallens

Media & Public Relations

As a former broadcaster and journalist, Marjorie knows the media first hand and has all the right contacts. She knows how to distill complex information into well-positioned key messages and stories. Specialties include: Media & PR, internal-external corporate communications, marketing communications strategies and implementation.


Barbara Munshaw

Social Media Marketing

Barbara is a digital marketing consultant, TV Guest speaker and events speaker specializing in Social Media. She has been helping clients dive into the social arena since 2008. She works with your business on how to leverage social media that best suits your company’s marketing goals. Barbara can show you the why, what and how of using social media.