There are about 750 commercial radio stations covering every corner of Canada. The smallest communities may only have a single station while the larger centres like Toronto and Vancouver are served by over 20 local stations in all formats including ethnic.

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Over the past 10 years traditional AM/FM Radio has maintained its share of ad revenue at about 13%. Tuning levels have not been noticeably eroded by satellite or Internet radio.

With its strong local identity and ties to the community, Radio continues to be a key medium for reaching local consumers, especially by retail advertisers.  65% of listeners say that radio helps them “feel connected.”

Radio can target specific demographics based on station format.  Interestingly (and contrary to popular belief) young people have not entirely abandoned radio in favour of digital downloads.  64% of Canadian teens and 18-24’s listen to radio daily.

While “network radio” doesn’t exist as such in Canada, there are some very dominant ownership groups.  For instance, Astral, Rogers, Bell Media, NewCap and Corus each owns stations in major markets across Canada.  This means that it’s possible to negotiate favourable rates with the ownership groups across multiple markets.  Canmedia has much experience with this kind of negotiation.

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