TV continues to be the dominant advertising medium in Canada, accounting for 30% of total ad spending. That’s because we continue to watch it. The average adult watches 29 hours of TV a week, about the same as seven years ago. Surprisingly, even young adults (under 35) spend 22 hours a week watching TV.

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TV is regarded by many advertisers as the most effective medium, due to its creative flexibility and impact.  Research shows that ads on TV are much more attention-getting, engaging and persuasive than ads in other media, including online video.

TV is used most by advertisers looking to build brand awareness and image for consumer products and services, especially on a national basis.  However, TV is also used as a direct response medium (DRTV) and for local campaigns.

Over the years there has been a shift in TV viewing from Conventional “over-the-air” broadcast networks (like CBC, CTV, TVA, Global and City) to the Specialty Channels available only via cable/satellite/IPTV.  The 135 Specialty Channels now account for 45% of all viewing vs. 38% for Canadian Conventional TV.  US channels account for another 11% of viewing and Canadian Pay TV for 6%.

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